Sean’s sensations: 30 November

Professional architectural photographer Sean Conboy may carry with him £100,000 worth of kit, but it is the planning he does, the years of experience and his zeal for perfection that make him one of the most in-demand photographers in his field.

This was demonstrated when Sean showed his work as part of the Ilkley Arts Festival on 30 November. Sean revealed how he deployed tilt and shift lenses to ensure verticals were upright and any distortions from photographing at oblique angles were eliminated. He explained how he carefully assessed when the direction of natural light and the colour effects would be most suitable, and he showed how multiple flash-lights could make buildings appear vibrant and convey an enticing mood.

He warned, “If you take a less than perfect photo because clients have put you under time pressure, they soon forget the pressure but always remember the poor photo”. So the message was to be firm and patient and take images that match the standards you want to be known for.

You can see more about Sean here:


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