Otley Races Outing 2021

Glorious sunshine greeted six Club members when they joined the excitement of the Otley Cycle Races on the evening of 30 June. The conditions were perfect for the race and for some action photography too.

Decision had to be made. Do we go for fast shutter speeds with some compromise on ISO or try slower speeds but pan with the action. And what happens if you try to pan when cyclists are coming round a bend with some heading straight towards you and some moving across the shot. It was all good fun experimenting with the settings, trying selective focussing, and going in for some arty techniques.

There was recognition too of a kind when the father of one cyclist realised that our group was taking some fine shots and asked whether he could have copies. Members were happy to oblige, and the cyclist was delighted.

Here are some shots from the outing. Click on an image for a full size slide show.