Club Rules

1.    The name of the Club shall be ILKLEY CAMERA CLUB.

2.    The Objects of the Club shall be to promote the Art of Photography by mutual assistance, demonstrations, lectures, excursions and any other methods conducive to its advancement.

3.    Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons wishing to join, but only members aged 18 years and over are eligible to vote.

4.    Ordinary meetings of the Club shall be held on such evenings and at such times as the Committee may decide.

5.    The business of the Club shall be managed by an elected Committee consisting of President*, Retiring President*, Vice- President*, Secretary, Treasurer and seven other Members, five forming a quorum. A person appointed as President shall normally serve for two years followed by two years as Retiring President*, and the Vice-President* shall normally serve for two years.

*(please note that at present we do not have a President and that the club is operating much more on a cooperative basis)

6.    The Committee shall have the following powers:
a.    To co opt not more than two additional members to serve on the Committee.
b.    To make any by laws regarding the Club’s Property.
c.    To appoint Sub Committees and/or officers to promote any specific branch of      photographic interest.
d.    To deal in the interests of the Club with any emergency that may arise that is not covered by these rules.
e.    To expel or exclude any person from membership, if it is felt after full investigation that such action is desirable.

7.    The Committee shall arrange annual competitions of members’ work.

8.    The Annual General Meeting shall be held once in each year and no later than 15 months after the preceding Annual General Meeting. At least 21 days’ notice shall be given in writing to all members. A quorum shall be 20% of the paid up members. The business of the Annual General meeting shall include:
a.    Receiving and approving the Annual Reports.
b.    Receiving and approving the examined accounts.
c.    Electing the Officers and members of the Committee for the ensuing year.
d.    Appointing an examiner for the accounts.
e.    Considering any other business which has been published in the Agenda or notified to the Committee in writing at least three weeks in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

9.    Nominations for Officers and members of the Committee must be entered on lists which shall be on view at the Club Rooms for three weeks immediately before the Annual General Meeting. Nominations must be proposed and seconded by members and require the consent of the nominee. Voting shall be by ballot of members present.

10.    An Extra Ordinary General Meeting of Ilkley Camera Club may be convened at any time by a resolution of the Committee or upon a requisition signed by one-fifth or more of the members stating the object of the meeting. A meeting held on such a requisition shall be called by the Secretary of the Ilkley Camera Club giving the other members 14 days’ notice in writing of such a meeting. There shall be a quorum when 20% of the membership is present.

11.    Annual Subscriptions, which are due at the first meeting in September, shall be determined by the Committee and submitted to the members at the Annual General Meeting. Any member, who by the end of November has not paid his or her subscription, shall at the discretion of the Committee cease to be a Member and shall be notified to that effect.

12.    Finance. All the income and property of the Ilkley Camera Club shall be applied solely towards the Objects of the said Ilkley Camera Club and none of it shall be paid or transferred in any way to its Committee members provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment in good faith of reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer or servant of the said Ilkley Camera Club (other than a Committee member) and repayment of reasonable and proper out of pocket expenses to members or Committee members incurred in the course of the work of the Ilkley Camera Club. A bank or building society account shall be opened in the name of the Ilkley Camera Club and withdrawals shall be made on the signature of two out of three nominated Committee members, one of whom is a principal officer.

13.    Ilkley Camera Club may at any time be dissolved by a resolution passed by a three-quarters majority of those present and voting at any meeting of the said Ilkley Camera Club of which at least twenty one (21) clear days’ notice stating the intention to put forward such a resolution shall have been sent to all members of the Ilkley Camera Club. If any assets remain after the satisfaction of all debts and other liabilities, such assets shall be donated to a Yorkshire photographic organisation with similar objectives, as agreed by the members.

14.    Alteration to the Rules. These rules may only be amended with the assent of not less than two thirds of the members of the Ilkley Camera Club present and voting at an Annual or Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Ilkley Camera Club. Twenty one (21) clear days’ notice shall be given to the members stating the intention to put forward such a resolution.