Public talks 2019

Improve your photography

During Ilkley Camera Club’s Exhibition there were illustrated lectures open to all. They were presented by members of the Club on eight Saturdays and Sundays in May and June 2019. The talks were held in the Learning Room at Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley, and attracted a large audience up to 35 people, mostly from the general public with an interest in photography. Here are details of what the talks covered.

Striving for better photographs
Photography as a hobby can be both challenging and very rewarding. This talk by Geoff Smith ARPS gave an insight into why that is, how you might meet the challenge and what may make a picture better.

Powerful portrait photos
All great portraits, whether with natural light or studio lighting, depend on the photographer’s ability to use the light and pose the subject. This is true despite advances in technology. This talk by Richard Spurdens EFIAP/p, DPAGB took us through the basic principles of setting up, lighting and creating powerful portraits.

Starting out in photography
This talk by Marion Payne was about how joining a camera club can inspire your photography in so many different ways, not least in venturing away from purely auto settings. It’s a challenging, worthwhile and ongoing experience. But first and foremost it’s about enjoying yourself.

Sharp and soft: understanding focus in photography
How do you get everything in your photo sharp from the foreground to the far distance? How can you deliberately blur things? This talk by Peter Farmer LRPS explained how to vary your focus and decide what focal results you want.

Inspire yourself with a photo project: bird photography
Have you got all the gear but lost your way? This talk by Larry James CPAGB showed how you can combine your photography with other hobbies, interests or passions to develop projects and unlock your mojo.

All in the mind: blending photos for creative results
Photography doesn’t have to stop at what you see in the view-finder. Imagination and technical wizardry can produce images that are whacky, surreal or plain creepy. This talk by Tim Sawyer AFIAP, CPAGB and Sharon Sawyer CPAGB introduced us to the wonderful world of creative results.

Decisions – means to an end: a look at the critical choices
Images that have impact and touch the emotions depend on critical choices about many factors including location, timing, composition, exposure, lighting and focus. This talk by Stuart and Judy Parker tried to guide us through the maze.

Shooting landscapes
With a national park on our doorstep and regular travel abroad, we have wonderful scenery all around. So why are we sometimes disappointed with the photos we produce? This talk by Phil Reeds CPAGB gave us pointers and techniques for better landscape shots.