Halifax Outing 2021

Photographers love the rule of thirds so perhaps an outing with three components would tickle the photographic fancy. At least that was the theory when Peter Farmer organised a trip to Halifax. Seven club members plus interested family turned up to enjoy the fun on 7 August.

First up was a tour of the Calderdale Industrial Museum. Here the volunteers were particularly keen to help get top shots and we were given special access to the top floor – normally off limits – and invited to go through some of the barriers (under supervision) to shoot some unusual angles that are not normally possible.

Tripods were essential for many of the images and some of the shots needed wider angle lenses in view of the confined space round some exhibits. But there were also opportunities for close ups, expecially of some of the intricate machinery. Members enjoyed using the Mackintosh’s toffee wrapping machine and were rewarded with their choice of sweet from a Quality Street selection.

Next it was on to Halifax Minster with its almost overwhelming abundance of memorials and stained glass. The relative darkness of the interior lent the church a very special atmosphere with the occasional burst of sunlight presenting challenges for photographers aiming for record style views of the interior. Here a bit of High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing was useful. There were also lovely details to photograph and the chance to use special lenses or process images in monochrome. The Friends of the Minster were on hand to provide a welcome cup of tea or coffee and a choice of delicious cakes.

The third element of the day was a visit to the Piece Hall. Sadly it was at this point that the heavens opened and the crowds in the vast central courtyard scurried for cover. That was the end of any appreciable street photography for the day! However, members had had a chance to reconnoitre the venue for future reference before getting a bit of retail therapy in the little shops in the arcades around the Hall.

Here are some of the images captured during the outing. Click on an image for a full size slide show.