Print Competition Format Rules

To enter one of our Print Competitions, as well as the rules on criteria etc, you need to follow these Format Rules and then give your entries to the Print Secretary by the due date.

Mounting Prints

Mounting prints strengthens and protects them.
Mount each print on board sized 50 x 40 cm (plus or minus 2 mm) – no smaller or larger.
The thickness of the combined print and mount should be no more than 4mm.
The board can be used in landscape or portrait orientation.
Mounting board can be purchased from art shops or stationers, or through special arrangements for members which are publicised from time to time.

Add the competition details to the back top left hand side of the mount with the following
information :-

  1. Title of the photograph
  2. Competition name
  3. Your membership number – your name must not appear anywhere
  4. The print number 1, 2 or 3

    The information should be legible.
    A standard position of the details indicates the correct orientation of a print to the viewer and simplifies the work flow on competition night.

    There is no minimum image size, but consider whether it is appropriate for the type of image and such that the Judge can fully appreciate its qualities at a reasonable viewing distance. Whilst any size up to the limits of the mount is allowed, you may put yourself at a disadvantage if you stretch the resolution of your image too far.

    Prints with insubstantial backing can twist and flex and may start coming apart. A Judge may mark an image down for this. Where this appears to be an issue, the Print Secretary may ask the photographer to remount the print (time permitting) or withdraw it from the competition.

    Digital upload

    It is very helpful if you would also upload your images as digital files. This means we can show them off on our website without delay if your print wins an award and include the shot in our annual review. Just upload your images as you would when entering a digitally projected image competition: here is the link.

    Checklist prior to entering Print Competitions

    1. Original photographs not previously entered in the Club’s Annual Competitions
    2. Photographs are in accordance with competition criteria
    3. Must be securely mounted on a mount measuring 50 x 40 cm
    4. A maximum of three prints are permitted in each class, but see special rules for the Photo Panel and Triptych
    5. Add the following information to the top left back of mount :-

    a) Title of the photograph
    b) Competition name
    c) Your membership number (not your name).
    d) Number your prints 1, 2 or 3
    e) Give your entries to the Print Secretary by the due date.
    f) Upload a digital version of your image.