Lawnswood Outing

Members’  photographic trip to historic Lawnswood Cemetery produced a rich array of images. The Cemetery is Victorian in origin and typifies the idea of those times that the bereaved should be able to stroll through a great garden as they pay their respects to the departed and admire the monuments around them. These monuments not only marked the spot where a loved one was buried but also spoke of the status and wealth of the families involved. Later a Columbarium was added where urns with cremated ashes could be deposited.

Here we present a selection of members’ images showing a range of styles and techniques. Click on an image for a rolling slide-show covering all of the photos, starting at that image. You can pause or end the show at any time by clicking on the pause symbol or small cross at the top right of an image.

Peter Farmer

John Fontana

David James

Max Rowe

These images © Max Rowe Instagram: @Selkie_photos

Alison Tetley