Social Media Guidelines

Ilkley Camera Club provides a lively social environment in which members can share images and conversation to help increase their skills and enjoyment of photography. Following the COVID pandemic social media channels have become a regular focus for these activities. These channels include a number of Facebook groups and meetings by Zoom.

The club encourages the expression of a wide range of opinions and ideas shared on social media. However, disrespectful or aggressive language that might damage relationships or break the law must be avoided in whatever context. The purpose of this policy is to clarify the expectations of the club and to offer practical guidance.

The club reserves the right to ensure adherence to this policy but responsibility rests with the individual members for any issues arising from their contributions.

Members are asked to familiarise themselves with this policy before using social media channels.

Be respectful of others always.

Respect privacy and confidentiality when it comes to others’ business; we all have information that we would prefer to keep private:

a) don’t post about other people without their permission
b) don’t share any post made within a group environment outside that group
c) don’t share, copy or republish any post that does not have Public permissions and / or the express permission of the originator.

Refrain from personal abuse. You may express disagreement with what someone says, but don’t make it personal, either directly or indirectly. Similarly, do not take a difference of opinion as a personal attack.

Do not respond in kind. If you feel you have been attacked personally, stay calm, take it offline or with an Administrator; don’t get involved in a flame war.

Don’t be a troll – deliberately and repeatedly taking a provocative or devil’s advocate stance.

Don’t spam – repeatedly posting the same stuff, and don’t flood – overwhelming the Group with large volumes of your own posts or images. Be selective and do add commentary and caption to your images to promote discussion.

Write with empathy for others’ points of view and stay on topic; online communication lacks the visual cues that convey intent and emotion.

Think before you hit Submit. Do not write quick, instant responses in the heat of the moment – review it in the morning.

Do not write anything that you would not say face to face. Ask yourself whether you would say it directly.