Photo Brexit: 29 March

Friday 29 March sees the Club play the Team Print Competition, matching members’ images to topics selected by a panel of judges. But this year there is the extra excitement that the Club will be using the ‘Brexit’ version of the game, with teams playing their Junker cards to double their points and hoping to agree on which images to submit rather than suffer a ‘no deal’. Mr Speaker will be on hand to keep ‘Order! Order!’

All members will be assigned to teams (or ‘parties’) and are encouraged to bring along a selection of photos (potential ‘deals’) that can be used in play. The photos do not need to be mounted and there are no limitations about whether photos have been used in previous competitions or may be used in future competitions. The images don’t even have to be a member’s best work since what matters most is matching the topic (or ‘red lines’) the judges have announced. So some wacky images might do well. Variety in the images brought along will be one of the key features.

Visitors are very welcome. Meetings are on Fridays from 7.30pm to about 9.30pm at St Peter’s Church Hall, Church Street, Addingham, LS29 0QS.

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