Friendly competition: 29 March

The friendly yet competitive nature of club members shone through on Friday 29 March when they split into two teams for the Team Print Competition. This year it was played under special Brexit rules.

Co-operation was to the fore as party leaders Joe Dobson and Nic Robinson encouraged their parties to discuss which of their prints best matched the ‘red lines’ laid down by the judges.  But when the two prints went head to head there was humorous barracking as the opposition’s efforts were scrutinised, especially where the party leaders had played their ‘Junker cards’ to double their points.

Judges Jacqui Foster, Chris Farmer and Brian Goddard brought rational analysis to the points awards and Attorney General Sharon Sawyer guaranteed impartiality in the scoring. It was all overseen by Mr Speaker in the form of Peter Farmer who delivered boxes of Ferrero Rocher donated by the EU Ambassador as fitting prizes.

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