All at sea: 7 June

Gannet by Peter Farmer

Club members who took up the opportunity of a trip to Bempton Cliffs on 7 June were rewarded with a sunny morning and a fine array of seabirds. Even the elusive puffins managed to present themselves for a close-up.

Then there was a bonus trip to North Landing where an old boat offered some lovely textures of peeling paintwork and there was an attractive view of the narrow cove.

As the weather turned overcast, there was just time to skip round the coast to Flamborough Head where some keen ornithologists directed members to a group of puffins that could be seen by cautiously peering over the cliff edge. We also spotted some seals basking on the rocks below as the tide came in.

The outing ended with a nice cup of tea, a chat about favourite photographic locations, and a discussion of technicalities including the pros and cons of using RAW.

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