21 October Annual Print Competition: Humanity

Humanity – Portraiture Cup

1 – Lonesome troubadour, Larry James
2 – Listener, Glyn Rutter
3 – Are we alone? Andy Thomas

HC – We’re All In This Together! Adrian Hendley
HC – For the many. David James
HC – And the point is…. David James

C – Best friend, Larry James
C – You’re Not Listening to Me Again, Richard Ramsay
C – Wednesdays Child, Glyn Rutter

Adrian Hendley, We're All In This Together!
Richard Ramsay, You're Not Listening to Me Again
Larry James, Best Friend
David James, And the point is....
David James, For the Many
Lonesome troubadour, Larry James
Andy Thomas, Are we alone?
Listener, Glyn Rutter
Glyn Rutter, Wednesdays Child

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