Watching the birdie: 25 January

Club President Larry James was watching the birdie for the Club’s print competitions on 25 January. His impressive study of a kingfisher in action earned him first place in the Panel competition. Not only did his shots show the bird swooping down but his mounts had the photos swooping too.

It was birds again in the Nature competition where Larry took first place with some feeding Buzzards.

He also claimed second place in the Panel with his dog Billy playing in the snow. Third went to Geoff Smith with impressionistic action shots of people ‘On the Move’. Highly Commended were Tim Sawyer of Bramhope and Phil Reeds.  Images by Nick Hodgson of Addingham and Len Downes gained Commendations.

Visiting judge and sports photographer Christine Hartley gave plenty of advice and encouragement. Her choice for Second in the Nature competition was Keith Allen with an osprey catching a trout. Tim Sawyer took third with a colourful frog. Joe Dobson and Keith Allen had Highly Commended images and Ken Phillip and Richard Bateson achieved Commendations.

You can see the results here: Panel and Nature.

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