Watch the birdie: 22 November

Impact was the key factor visiting judge Bill Johnson was looking for on 22 November when judging members’ competition entries. Then came composition and finally a check for technical weaknesses.

Reviewing the monochrome entries he laid emphasis on good tonal range and giving a stronger, deeper image with darkening used to keep the eye within the scene.

1st Larry James: Tawny Owl & Moth

First place went to Larry James with a night shot of an owl and a moth. Larry also shared second place showing a model poised with a rope, with the same award going to Richard Spurdens showing a girl with attitude. Richard also gained a Commendation, as did Jayne Sanderson, John Fontana, Ken Phillip, Peter Wilson and Glyn Rutter.

In the triptych competition the judge particularly praised those entries that told a story.

1st Larry James: Little, Tawny & Long Eared Owls

First place went to Larry James with images of little, tawny and long-eared owls. Richard Spurdens took second place with three views of a fashion model, and Keith Allen took third with a humming-bird sequence. Keith also had a Highly Commended image as did Richard Spurdens. Commendations went to Phil Reeds, Peter Wilson and Larry James with two for Tim Sawyer.

You can see the award winning images here:

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