Talking photos: 12 February

The Cub meeting on 12 February was a Members’ Evening with eight members taking the opportunity to show off their recent work, comment on it and seek constructive feedback from colleaues.

Topics covered included testing out high grain film, taking narrative shots during Covid-19 lockdown, initial work with special lenses that give tight focusing limits, using textures (remembering that for competitions any textures used must have been taken by the photographer), infra-red conversions to black and white versus converting standard colour images, treatments for excessive noise, and using fog to good effect.

Members discussed whether and when a texture might overlay the whole image rather than just serve as a background. There also were differing views on whether some images could be improved with selective cropping, and indeed on how far such cropping should go. This served to demonstrate that photography is part art and part science.

All in all, it was a lively meeting with plenty of audience participation and some valuable photographic ideas being shared and discussed in a free and easy way.


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