Salon offers food: 26 January

What’s hot in the London Salon was the question on 26 January. Three times Salon medal winner Richard Spurdens took the lead in reviewing the 2017 exhibition and invited members’ comments.

The Salon looks for images with an artistic angle so there was a good representation of the creative and impressionistic as well as images that stressed patterns and juxtaposed shapes. Monochrome images or monochrome with spot colouring were popular choices.

The technical skills shown were undoubtedly high with photographers clearly in control of their exposures and depths of field. But members were less convinced by some of the more obviously posed images and those where the title had little resonance with the image itself.

However, many of the images featured styles, compositions and content which would not often be seen at a typical club competition and so left members with food for thought.

Further information about the Salon, including Richard Spurdens’ latest medal winning image, is available here.

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