Rundle Bundle: 14 February

The Club’s Rundle Trophy is awarded for three images that demonstrate excellent overall photographic ability, and on 14 February this year’s winner, Tim Sawyer from Bramhope, clearly showed that with his images ranging from fireworks, through a monochrome capture of an ancient tower to three tastefully shot tulips.

Hot on his heels was Peter Wilson whose entry covered nature, sport and still life. In third place was Silsden’s Larry James. Rodney Marsh and Andrée Freeman earned High Commendations for their work and Commendations went to John Chamberlain of Ilkley and Alison Tetley.

1st Phil Reeds: Bottle bank

In the Still Life competition, Phil Reeds took top honours with a skilfully arranged and exposed image of a collection of old bottles. Keith Allen secured second place with a cunningly arranged living flow of golden syrup, and Marion Payne claimed third place with a swirling image of coloured pencils.

Receiving Highly Commendeds were Peter Wilson, David James and Tim Sawyer. There were five Commendations for the work of Andrée Freeman, Peter Wilson, Mike Barnes, John Chamberlain and Len Downes.

Visiting judge, Rich Bunce, the ‘Walking Photographer’, praised the good technical skills demonstrated during the evening and the many shots taken from a refreshingly different perspective. Often, he said, it was the simplest compositions that made the most impact.

The full results are available via these links:

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