Pupils mark photos: 7 December

Young eyes judged older eyes on 7 December when pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, with teacher Louise Mortimer, were the judges for the Club’s latest two competitions for members.

Comments were succinct and forthright but did show a degree of compassion as befits students who are learning to produce photographs themselves.

1st Nic Robinson: The Beach at Fairbourne

First place in the general monochrome competition went to a moody beach scene by newcomer Nic Robinson. Carol Hardy’s image of West Burton Falls took second and John Chamberlain claimed third with a grabbed shot of a stoker on a steam locomotive. Highly commended awards went to Peter Wilson, Len Downes (2), Andrée Freeman, Andy Thomas and Andrew Ripley. Gaining commendeds were David James, Sharon Sawyer, Keith Allen, Peter Farmer and John Slack.

1st Larry James: Sunrise at Chemical Beach

In the “Scapes” competition, Larry James took first place with a dramatic sunrise over a rocky beach. Peter Wilson chose a sunset to claim second place, and Tim Sawyer went hunting a Yeti in the mountains to gain third place. Highly commendeds were awarded to Jacqui Foster (2), Sharon Sawyer, Gillian Duckett, Brian Goddard and Tim Sawyer. Commended were John Slack, Liz Downes, Peter Farmer and Helen Reynolds.

You can see all the awarded images here:

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