PDI deadline: 23 February

Friday 23 February is the deadline for submitting projected digital images for the Club’s final competitions of the year. These will be held on 9 March. There are two competitions:

(a) journalism, sport and documentary: images relating to any of these three categories can be submitted, though no more than three images in total; this competition covers images of news or sporting events or that provide information about a particular subject; they will be presented with truth and integrity, and be suitable for publication or an historical record:

  1. sport photographs will usually feature the sport being played, but might include sports people immediately before or after playing;
  2. journalism photographs may cover just one aspect of a subject: they will record the actual scene but not necessarily give the full story (eg a performer on stage);
  3. documentary photographs will contribute to a balanced view and understanding of a subject (eg a sequence showing a performer at work and at leisure and perhaps comparison with other performers).

(b) general colour & mono: entries can be in colour or monochrome; no more than three images in total.

Please follow the normal rules for submitting PDIs.

The Judge is W A Johnson ARPS DPAGB APAGB.

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