Members Night, from women’s wrestling to strange insects

Review: Ilkley Camera Club, Friday the 10th September 2021

On Friday evening the 10th of September Ilkley Camera Club met online for a lively discussion about  photos taken  by members over the summer.  The session illustrated  wide ranging interests including Women’s wrestling, strange and alien looking insects and experimental pinhole photography.

Zoom has enabled members to stay connected with the club no matter where they are, including one member who joined the discussion live from British Columbia.

Marion Payne talked about why she has got rid of photoshop and Lightroom to focus on taking photos and not on the processing. Marion described how processing had become a chore and she was beginning not to enjoy it.  She also said she no longer uses large lenses to make her camera as portable as possible.

John Fontana talked about using lens-less pinhole technology.  John shared his passion for this old technology which predates the digital world.  He presented evocative shots capturing the natural atmosphere of Ilkley Moor. John said that we have all become more interested in mindfulness and so his photos record how you feel. “The photo presents itself to you and you have to be open to receiving it ”, John said.

David James presented a series of black and white images from the black and white special interest group. This is a group that meets separately to explore monochrome image making which continues to be very popular. 

Tim Sayer talked about special effects with many images blended together taking us into imaginary worlds. He has taken, or rather made, a picture every day for a few years.

The next meeting of Ilkley Camera Club  on Friday the 17th of September when Amy Bateman, who lives on a farm in Cumbria, will be talking about how her farming background has inspired her photography. She is a British Life Photography Awards winner. Friday will also be the deadline for  submission to the club’s Open Colour Colour competition. 

Ilkley Camera Club is currently meeting via Zoom on Friday evenings at 7.30pm. For more information visit the Club website at or their Facebook page,

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