Members Evening Jan 20, 2023

Ilkley Camera Club  met on Friday January 20 for the first members evening of 2023.  This was an opportunity for members to share images taken throughout the last year. Alison Tetley kicked off with images from her visit to Namibia. Her work included striking black and white images of the vast sand dunes, and waterfalls.

Next up was David James who presented photos from Oxford. His portfolio majored on architecture including interiors of the Ashmolian museum, this bridge of sighs, and details of all souls Chapel.

Phil Reeds travelled to Morocco in the autumn. He presented images of Marakesh and the coast with its people, including the markets, traffic, businesses, architecture and a local football pitch.

Andrew Sunderland told the story of the fire on Ilkley Moor in 2003. His dramatic and beautifully presented images included  fire fighters drawing water from the lower tarn and the aftermath of burnt  Heather.  His images also also featured the green shoots of new bracken springing up only three or four weeks after the fire. 

Stu Thompson presented images in black and white from Scotland including the zig zag breakwater at East Fife and the rail bridge at Dundee, A little nearer to home, he also included images of Whitby and Holy Island, the boathouse at Hawick,

Macro nature photography was the subject of Keith Allan images his include close ups of rare hoverflies on Shipley Glen, a hawthorn shield bug in his garden.  Noted that there are now fewer insects than there once was and that global warming has changed the migratory habits of wildlife.  He also presented some striking images of lichen and dead bark from Heber’s Ghyll illuminated by ultra violent light.

John Fontana explained the influence of the pictorialist movement on his photography and its soft focus, atmospheric style of images.  His photos of Saltaire used a special lens attached to an infrared sensitive camera to create a difused effect. 

Steve presented images of Ilkley’s jubilee celebrations and nature from the local area. 

Chai Amorncharoenchai showed a range of images from around the world including some from Rome. 

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