Marion Jumps: 19 September

Ilkley Camera Club member Marion Payne has jumped out of a plane in aid of charity, with the Club among her sponsors. We are delighted that she landed safely and that she was willing to share her feelings about the experience.

“Today was the day that I finally did my long-awaited tandem parachute skydive in aid of Kidney Research UK (my son is on peritoneal dialysis waiting for a second kidney transplant). I have felt quite emotional this last week as I was isolating to make sure I kept well, and because of the kindness of so many people donating. I never thought I would raise so much (to date £1,697).

“I was fairly apprehensive arriving at the airfield. I had my training, got a harness on (we couldn’t wear jumpsuits because of Covid restrictions) and then waited, with the family, to be called. Having their company and support today meant so much.

“Going up in the plane I started to feel really nervous, seeing the ground stretch away before me way way below (a few deep breaths here to keep calm). I was fine edging towards the opening, my parachutist said ‘legs out’ and that was it. No adrenaline rush.

“At first the rush of air was immense. I had been told to smile a lot for the camera (on the man who had jumped out before me) but tried to close my mouth as well, as so much air was going in! Then the parachute opened, I was jerked upwards, and all was quiet and peaceful. Then we started swirling around a lot and swinging in many directions. That was when I started to feel sick and the few minutes remaining before I got to the ground seemed very long indeed. The landing was good, as per instructions – feet out in front and sit down.

“I am so pleased to have experienced this. I remember thinking as I was swirling around, ‘I am not enjoying this’, but the whole day wasn’t about enjoying it: it was to do something to help Nick.  A good few hours’ sleep afterwards helped to make me feel better. I am so grateful that the day went ahead, with the weather being good and despite Covid!!”

Congratulations to Marion on a fantastic effort for a very worthy cause.

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