From Peril to Petri: 15 March

On 15 March the Club journeyed from ‘Stupidity to Insanity’ to use visiting speaker Christine Hodgson’s own words.

The stupidity consisted in a walk along the Little King’s Walkway, a precipitous, nerve-jangling narrow path through Spanish mountains captured on Christine’s mirrorless camera. Photographically the narrow clefts presented challenges because of the harsh light on one side and deep shade on the other.

In total contrast, ‘insanity’ was how Christine described her novel way of constructing artistic photos on a scanner using coloured inks and household cleaning fluids allowed to mix in a Petri dish. Happy accidents brought eclectic results leading to titles such as ‘Lost dog in Grand Canyon’ and ‘Cat climbing a tree with a song bird’.

Fortunately the men in white coats were not required.

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