Fantasy photo: 6 March

1st Tim Sawyer: Towers In The Sky

A cloaked stranger looks through an ornate portal across a sea of clouds to a shining tower. No, it is not a scene from a Lord of the Rings movie, but rather Tim Sawyer’s winning entry in the General Monochrome competition on 6 March.

Hot on his heels was Alison Tetley with a groyne showing through a real sea. Then we returned to the heights with a misty mountain shot that gained Andy Thomas third place.

Highly Commended awards went to Glyn Rutter, Andrée Freeman and Anne Chamberlain. Receiving Commendations were John Fontana, Len Downes, Phil Reeds, Andrée Freeman and Larry James.

1st Larry James: Sparrowhawk with Dove

In the Nature competition a sparrowhawk consuming a dove was not for the squeamish but won Larry James first place. Len Downes claimed second place with a grey seal pup under the watchful gaze of a parent. Tim Sawyer took third with a seemingly cheerful crested gecko.

Highly Commended awards went to Larry James and Mike Barnes, with Commendations to Keith Allen, Glyn Rutter, Karen Spencer, Len Downes, Alison Tetley and Julia Kay.

Visiting Judge, Erica Oram, won praise from the members for her comprehensive and constructive feedback on a heavy load of entries. In the nature category she emphasised the need to produce images that aided identification or showed characteristic behaviour. For this she said flat lighting was often best. She also showed a keen eye for technical issues, but without labouring the point.

You can see the full results and the images by following these links:

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