Contrasts: 1 February

Giving your first ever talk to a group of people might have been worrying, but it certainly did not show when Guiseley’s Peter Wilson talked on 1 February about Low Light Photography.

Copiously deploying his own photographs to illustrate his comments it was clear that he is an expert in his field and can offer many valuable insights. He covered the use of low light for longer shutter speeds to smooth out rippling water, capture dramatic skies and to convey motion. He also discussed neutral density filters and advised on how to judge suitable exposure times when using ‘big stoppers’.

In the second half, colleague Keith Allen took over and presented a contrasting presentation on bird photography, with tips on locations and ideal weather conditions, and whether to use supplementary lighting. He also discussed lenses and had members reeling at the accompanying price tags.

Throughout, he showed extensive knowledge of the natural history of birds plus the science and technology of capturing their images.

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