Christine’s challenge: 15 February

Commenting on 128 photos in 2 hours, including tea break, can be particularly daunting, but on 15 February visiting judge Christine Hodgson rose to the challenge.

Tackling first the Rundle Trophy competition for three images showing overall photographic skill, she had advice on cropping, reducing distractions and improving contrast. Top spot was awarded to Peter Wilson with images of a drag racer, misty groynes and old telephone boxes.

Peter also gained third place. Geoff Smith from Skipton took second place with a long eared owl, a tough mudder and a creative rural scene. Ken Phillip’s entry was highly commended and commendations went to John Slack, Charlotte Sayer and Larry James.

1st Len Downes: Paul Jones on Harmonica at Ripley Blues

In the Journalism, Sport and Documentary Competition is was Len Downes who took first place with a performance shot of musician Paul Jones. Second was a Thai market at a railway station captured by Rodney Marsh and third place went to Andrée Freeman’s image of an outdoor chess game. Highly commended photos were provided by Sharon Sawyer, Laurie Tetley and Larry James. Commended was the work of Alison Tetley, Peter Farmer, John Slack and David James.

You can see the competition results here:

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