Birds in Flight: 17 July

What camera settings do you need for a fast moving bird with a seven feet wingspan coming straight towards you but likely to dive into a lake? The answer according to last Friday’s speaker, Larry James, is “it all depends”.

But this was no glib answer. Larry went on to discuss the various circumstances that affect decisions and reviewed the settings that may be available on some of the higher end cameras and lenses. Flexibility and constant re-appraisal were key attributes needed to make the most of what might be a stint of over ten hours in a hide.

Larry presented his outstanding action images via Zoom to some 40 members and took online questions. This was the first such talk online and augurs well for the first half of the new season from late August up to New Year when the Club will be using Zoom on Friday evenings.

A major advantage is that guest speakers will include outstanding photographers whom the Club could not normally tempt or afford to have in person. Potential members need to contact the Club via its website for details of how the meetings will run.

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