Bird’s eye: 16 February

1st Keith Allen: White-tailed Sea Eagle

It was a case of watch the birdie last Friday when all the nature competition awards went to avian images. Outstanding was Keith Allen’s shot of a White-tailed Sea Eagle. Second and third place went to Larry James of Silsden with images of a Jay and a Goshawk. Peter Wilson’s Red Kite in flight earned him a highly commended award and commendations went to Alison Tetley for her pelicans in Kenya and Tim Sawyer of Bramhope for a majestic Long Eared Owl. You can see the winning nature images here.

1st Christine Farmer: Derby Cathedral

In the Architecture & Record competition, first prize went to Christine Farmer with a well-lit shot of Derby Cathedral. Second was Ken Phillip’s view of a Pagoda in a lake. And Geoff Meakin took third place with an eye-catching scene of Carlisle Cathedral’s Chancel. Laurie Tetley from Skipton provided a view of the Sphinx to gain a highly commended award. Peter Farmer did likewise with a photo of the east end of Baldersby St James Church in North Yorkshire and took a commendation with the octagonal chapel in Heptonstall. Commendations also went to Brian Goddard who photographed the Land Raiders Monument, Stornoway, and Laurie Tetley’s amusing shot of some toilets in Morocco. View the winning A&R images here.

1st Nick Hodgson: Crummackdale Yorkshire

The travel competition was generously sponsored by Ilkley based travel specialists TravelWise and Nick Hodgson received the first prize of a £50 travel voucher for his image of Crummackdale. Phil Reeds claimed second place with an atmospheric image of a worshiper by the river at Pushkar, India. Laurie Tetley’s scene of Bedouin at Giza earned him third place. Highly commended awards went to Larry James for the North Pier at Blackpool and Julia Horner for capturing life at San Blas. Commendations went to Peter Wilson for scenes of Staithes and The Strid near Bolton Abbey, and Christine Farmer for a scene across the river at Alnmouth. The winning images are available here.

Visiting Judge Brian Crossland provided generous feedback on all the entries and made suggestions to enhance several of the images. He stressed the importance of factual and complete titles for images shown in applied categories and of selecting an appropriate depth of field so that subjects stood out clearly from their backgrounds.


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