Architecture 18 November 2022

1 – Salisbury Cathedral, Richard Ramsay
2 – Angel of Purity window Turkish rest rooms Manchester Victorian baths, Phil Reeds
3 – Leeds Corn Exchange, Tim Sawyer

HC – Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon, Christine Farmer
HC – The Thames Barrier London, Stu Thompson
HC – Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags, John Chamberlain

C – The Long Gallery, Wentworth Woodhouse, Alison Tetley
C – Broadway Tower, Len Downes
C – The Sea Monster at Weston-super-Mare, Keith Allen
C – Gasholders Apartments Exterior Detail, Adria Hendley
C – Millennium Bridge And St Pauls Cathedral, Adrian Hendley

Adrian Hendley_Gasholders Apartments Exterior Detail
Adrian Hendley_Millennium Bridge And St Pauls Cathedral
Alison Tetley_The Long Gallery, Wentworth Woodhouse
Christine Farmer_Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon
John Chamberlain_Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags
Keith Allen_The Sea Monster at Weston-super-Mare
Len Downes_Broadway Tower
Phil Reeds_Angel of Purity window Turkish rest rooms Machester Victorian baths
Richard Ramsay_Salisbury Cathedral
Stu Thompson_The Thames Barrier London
Tim Sawyer_Leeds Corn Exchange

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