51 Magic Number: 4 October

Visiting judge, Derek Knight, had his work cut out on 4 October when he had to select from 51 images in the Club’s architecture and record photo competition. The high standard meant his constructive comments were mainly directed at compositional elements and how apt the images were for the category.

1st John Chamberlain: Engine Room Bancroft Mill

A study of the Engine Room at Bancroft Mill earned John Chamberlain of Ilkley the top place. Rodney Marsh’s dusk image of the Art and Science Quarter in Valencia claimed second place and the art work ‘Sun Voyager’ won third place for Richard Spurdens. Highly Commended awards went to Ken Phillip and Peter Wilson, with Commendeds for Peter Farmer, Richard Spurdens, Chris Farmer, Rodney Marsh and Peter Wilson.

1st Peter Wilson: Winter Oak

In the Weather Competition again there were 51 entries and winter conditions caught the judge’s eye.  Peter Wilson took first place with a snowy ‘Winter Oak’. Second went to Karen Spencer’s Icelandic Waterfall and third was Tim Sawyer with ‘Trees in Snow’. Highly Commendeds were gained by Keith Allen and Peter Wilson, with Commendeds for Nick Hodgson of Addingham, Rodney Marsh, Brian Goddard of Silsden, David James and Chris Farmer of Bramhope.

You can see the full results here: Architecture & Record or Weather.

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