19 November 2021: Open Mono Results

On Friday 19 November David Gibbins judged the Open Mono competition for Ilkley Camera Club.  David, who’s an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and a highly experienced judge joined the club from Nottinghamshire. 

1st Larry James – No 72 British Super Bike

Commenting on the use of Zoom he said it was a good thing and has enabled clubs to get judges from much further afield.  Mr. Gibbins said that he had done 96 Zoom sessions so far, including with Jamaica and Australia.

David Gibbins said that it was inevitable some people would disagree with the judges decisions and that the whole process was very subjective.

In his remarks the judge said that monochrome is good for showing patterns and textures.  He said he liked images that spur the imagination, where the elements raise questions rather than give answers.

First place went to Larry James for –  No 72 British Super Bike; second place went to Karl Hockless – Little Eva; third place to Stu Thompson – Happy going home time from school.

You can see all the winning and commended entries in the competitions section of the llkley Camera Club Website  www.ilkleycameraclub.online

Ilkley Camera Club is currently meeting via Zoom on Friday evenings at 7.30pm. For more information visit the Club website at wwww.ilkleycameraclub.online or their Facebook page, facebook.com/ilkleycameraclub

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