Making prize photos: 2 October

Top advice on taking and processing photos well enough to win prizes was given on 2 October at Ilkley Camera Club. On the panel of experts were John Chamberlain of Ilkley, Len Downes of Hampsthwaite and Tim Sawyer of Bramhope, all of them competition winners.

The panel examined 40 photographs submitted by Club members. Their constructive comments covered tips on exposure and focussing, colour balance, looking for subjects that grabbed the attention, strong compositional arrangements and identifying subjects that would work well as black and white images.

Club Co-President, Andrée Freeman, said, “Sometimes the panel members disagreed on a point, but that only goes to show that photography is as much an art as it is a science. It also reminds us that getting another person’s views on your images can be really helpful. That’s one of the benefits of being in Ilkley Camera Club – there is plenty of friendly advice at hand.” She added, “The panel had obviously worked hard before the event to review all the images and make detailed notes. Our members were truly delighted with the feedback.”

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