Is it art: 9 February

Who better to judge the artistry in a photograph than an art historian. That was the idea at last Friday’s competition evening when Bradford Museums and Galleries’ Assistant Curator, Kirsty Young, gave her verdicts.

In the humanity category she placed particular emphasis on story-line and relationships. So it was not a great surprise when David James’ study of two people in an art gallery with their eyes only for their mobile phones took first place. Nick Hodgson from Addingham took second place with a study of local resident Alistair relaxing in familiar surroundings. Third place went to Alison Tetley from Burley in Wharfedale with an image of an African boy waiting patiently in the sun with his cart for a ferry across the river.

Some of the award winning images in ‘Humanity’ can be seen here.

Turning to the creative category, Kirsty placed particular emphasis on the emotional effect created by the author rather than the technical skill going into the image. The standard of entries was high and marked a step up in creative work at the club.

First place went to Liz Downes for a deserted World War II control tower in which appeared the ghostly figure of an airman. Laurie Tetley from Skipton claimed second place by continuing the theme with a mock up cover of a GIs magazine showing US soldiers freeing part of Holland. Third place went to Nick Hodgson for a carefully planned shot of wedding guests appearing to run away from a dinosaur.

Some of the award winning images in ‘Creative’ can be seen here.

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