Educational fuddle: 14 December

Before members were allowed to ‘fuddle’ on 14 Decemberlast, they had to work up an appetite with five mini-seminars on photographic topics.

Nick Hodgson and David James showed different types of printer paper and discussed what images they might be used for. Peter Farmer explained how to get rid of converging verticals in architectural shots. Geoff Smith showed how to spot halos round objects and what techniques to use to eliminate them. Sharon and Tim Sawyer addressed issues around mono prints and correct exposure, and Larry James advised on taking sports photos and panning shots in particular.

After members had rotated round each seminar in small groups the signal was given to pounce on the Christmas Fare and a heaving table of delights was stripped in fairly short order.

Thanks are due to Paul Robinson, Fiona Foxton, Alison Tetley and the seminar presenters for their contributions to the evening as well as to those members who brought food or helped during the event.

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