Dave Mason on street photography, Oct 15

Review: Ilkley Camera Club, Friday the 15th October 2021

On Friday evening the October 15 Ilkley Camera Club met online for a lecture given by street photographer Dave Mason. Dave presented an eclectic mix of subjects with an emphasis on his quirky street photos.  Dave got involved with street photography while in South London, “In London it is so crowded people would get in the way of my pictures”, said Dave.  “ I look for the quirky and humorous”.  “I turned to street photography because I don’t have the patience for taking landscape photos, but during lockdown I did take some landscape pictures”.

photo by Dave Mason

“I am the least fashionable person in the world but I do spend a lot of time looking at people’s clothing”.  “Clothes are very important and I will often take parts of people for example their legs and feet”.

Dave takes a great many of his photos on a mobile phone. “I go round taking images that other people would ignore like yellow lines in the road”.

On the subject of processing his images Dave said he didn’t have much time for that, “I don’t do much post processing, the pictures are mostly as they come out of the camera. It’s always about the hunt and taking the photograph, I don’t like sitting at a computer”

If you would like to see some of Dave Mason’s photographs visit his website www.davemasonimages.com

The next meeting of Ilkley Camera Club is on Friday October 22 and will be the annual digital competitions – “Colours of the Rainbow” and “Still Life”.   The judge will be Colin Harrision who is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.  Friday October will also be the final date for entries to the November 5 competition.    

Ilkley Camera Club is currently meeting via Zoom on Friday evenings at 7.30pm. For more information visit the Club website at ilkleycameraclub.online or their Facebook page, facebook.com/ilkleycameraclub

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