Bumper entries: 26 October

The digital competitions held on 26 October brought an unusually high number of entries with 56 for the Water themed category and 64 for General Colour. Visiting judge Robert Helliwell had his work cut out but provided well-structured comments on technique, composition and impact.

1st Sharon Sawyer: The wonder of light

First prize in General Colour went to Sharon Sawyer’s The wonder of light, a futuristic composition in blues and reds of a bubble-shaped realm. Rodney Marsh claimed second place with a street food scene from Bangkok, and Ken Phillip took third place with a Chinese artiste carefully putting on make-up. You can see the full General Colour results here.

1st Peter Wilson: Seas the Day

In the Water category, first place went to Peter Wilson with a punningly entitled Seas the Day in which he exactly caught the moment of greatest visual impact as waves broke on the sea shore. Joe Dobson took second place with a Walk in the Snow and Carol Hardy won third place with Frozen, a study of a leaf trapped in ice. You can see the full Water results here.

Across the two categories there were 17 Highly Commendeds and 15 Commendeds. With 25 different members receiving awards, it bodes well for the depth of talent in the Club.

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