Friday February 24 was Ilkley Camera Club critique evening which was a chance to share and talk about members’ work.  A panel of  three members were selected to comment on thirty images submitted in advance.   

copyright Adrian Hendley

David James, Andree Freeman and Mark Waddington were tasked with commenting on the achievements of the photographers from a technical, aesthetic and storytelling point of view.   

Andree Freeman introduced the event by explaining that this was not a competition and that the club encourages friendly participation and conversation between members. The event aimed to understand more about why the photographers made the work and to encourage members to present a more personalised account of their work.

The range of images was broad,including  traditional landscapes, architecture, sport and experimental fine art. 

The session kicked off with an image from Adrian Hendley who’s photo of a staircase was admired for its colour and graphic style.   Andrew Sutherland offered an engaging image of a boy and his dog beneath Ilkley New Bridge.  Jayne Sanderson presented an experimental image using Cyanotype, an historic photographic process pioneered by Anna Atkins in the 1840s. One of Julia Kay’s images was a view to Ingleborough from Winskill which was admired for its serene composition.  John Fontana included a colour photo taken in Keighley which he explained had been taken in black and white and coloured using Artificial Intelligence software. John Chamberlain‘s photo of a pub interior with a view of a wind farm through an open door was considered to be an intriguing and creative composition.  Keith Allen presented three images of the Humber Bridge taken at night.  He explained the technical and environmental mud challenges of working at night. Nigel Steels included a nature shot of Damselflies in which he caught competitive mating behavior. Three creative  images presented by Sharon Sawyer were discussed as pieces of art.  The Butterfly Whisperer was an image made up of multiple source images used to create an imaginary story.  Finally, Stu Thompson showed the members three black and white photos including an evocative photo called The Path to the Church.

Ilkley Camera Club is currently meeting on Friday evenings at 7.30pm. Some meetings are held at St Peter’s Church Hall in Addingham and others on Zoom. For more information visit the Club website at ilkleycameraclub.co.uk or their Facebook page, facebook.com/ilkleycameraclub.  New members are welcome to join the club or to visit meetings. 

See all the images in this slideshow.

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