There are six special categories.

Photo Panel

This is a print competition category that requires an entry comprising a minimum of four to a maximum of six prints. Each print must comprise a single image. The prints should be on a theme of your choice. They might tell a story or describe an event or location.

The prints should be mounted on individual boards to be displayed as a panel. Usual print mount size rules apply. Please indicate on the back of each print the display position in the panel.


This is a print competition category that requires a set of three images arranged to form a single cohesive work, on one mounting board. Triptychs can be used for photographic storytelling. They can be from the same original image or session or they can be polar opposites to show opposition or contrasting ideas. You can submit two triptychs.

Can You Believe Your Eyes

This competition is to encourage themed images to form part of our biennial public Exhibition at Cliffe Castle Museum from May to July 2017. The Exhibition will run in parallel with an exhibition by Bradford City Council on the famous fake photographs of the Cottingley Fairies.

We are interested in two types of image. Some which are not truthful but look like they might be (as was the case with the Cottingley Fairies pictures) and some which are truthful but are so odd that we think they may have been created by the photographer (eg a strangely coloured frog). If the work is too wackily creative it will be obvious that it is not truthful. Some degree of subtlety is therefore needed. You can enter up to three images: they can be all of one type, or a mix of the two types.

Three of a Kind

You enter one set of three prints. We are looking for three different takes on the same subject. This steps outside the formal competition atmosphere and will be a more relaxed and fun event. It will be judged on the night by club members themselves.

Audio Visual

This is a digital competition category for a sequence of digital images or video to be projected along with a sound track. There are three special rules:

  • Only one entry per member is permitted and it must be no more than five minutes long.
  • An entry must be a self-running file and must not require any software on the Club’s or Judge’s equipment to open.
  • The author’s name should not be a visible part of the sequence or credits.

Acknowledgement of appropriate co-operation and music sources should still be made.
The rules of entry are as simple as possible to encourage you to enter. With the use of digital cameras and the available software, it is possible with a little imagination to put a sequence together.

The Rundle Trophy

This digital competition encourages you to demonstrate your all-round photographic ability by presenting three images which must be different in subject and/or technique.
The entry will be judged as a set with one assessment only for the set of three images. The set is not intended to be judged as a subject panel but purely as evidence of the breadth of your skill. There is no need to follow a particular theme, tell a story or describe an event or location: you can if you wish, but no additional credit will be given. Please number the files in your preferred display order.