Ilkley Camera Club continues its exciting programme into 2021 having adapted to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.  We are grateful to all those who have worked hard to maintain lively and stimulating meetings.    The Covid-19 safety measures mean we will continue to use Zoom to hold virtual online meetings for the time being.

We would obviously prefer to meet in person. However, moving online has meant  that we can bring in guest speakers from much further afield – star speakers who we just could not manage to attract normally.

Coming up this month:

On 12 March club members Alison Tetley and Helen Reynolds will be talking and showing images. The annual digital competition, ‘Open Mono’ will be judged by George Steele on the 19th. Then on the 26 March, ‘Seeing Things Differently’ – with Rich Bunce.  More details and the upcoming meetings here 

Our usual competitions will have an emphasis on digital submissions for the first half of 2021. Plus we have our usual members’ evenings, sharing work online, and talks by some of our own members.  The Club normally runs a substantial programme of outings  between April and September – and sometimes in other months. For information you can visit the outings page.

For all of this season’s events you need to be a member of the Club or an invited visitor. You cannot just “turn up”.  Regular information is sent to all members with information about the programme and how to take part. Contact us if you want to join or find out more.


About Ilkley Camera Club

Welcome to Ilkley Camera Club where anyone with an interest in photography can meet, share ideas and develop their interest in photography.

You do not need to be an expert to be a member – all you need is an interest in photography or photographic art.

We meet most Fridays during autumn and winter with a varied and exciting Programme to entertain, inform and educate.

The Club normally runs a substantial programme of  Outings between April and September – and sometimes in other months. These are great opportunities to meet fellow photographers out and about taking photographs. These are relaxed events where members in a fairly small group can chat informally, swap ideas and try out new techniques. We might visit nature reserves or industrial sites, historical re-enactments or modern architecture, or take a trip on a steam train. During 2021 things are likely to be quite limited whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place and we may try some activities in somewhat different forms from normal. Details will be given in circulars sent to members.

For members who want more detailed help to improve their skills and abilities and provide inspiration then we have various Development and Mentoring activities. These can involve specific in-depth seminars or one-to-one discussion between a member and a mentor. We can also offer you a critique of your images and help you work your way towards nationally and internationally recognised photographic distinctions awarded by prestigious photographic bodies.

There is also a Flickr Group where members can show their images to others so that constructive comment and advice can be given. And we are twinned with Hobart Photographic Society in Tasmania which allows us to share images and ideas for mutual benefit.

We hold an Exhibition of members’ work about every two years. The next will be in Spring 2021. It could be your chance to have some of your photos on public display.

How much you take part is entirely up to you – come along to a Meeting or get in touch.

We pride ourselves on a warm and friendly welcome for all.

Ilkley Camera Club is a great place for photographers.

A note about copyright

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