Landscape Photography Workshops

During the 2014-15 Seapf Andy Augheyson, Club member Andy Aughey has agreed to run a series of Landscape Photography Workshops  based on a series of successful workshops that he and a colleague used to provide to customers. This is in response to requests in the last members’ survey.

Andy is an experienced landscape photographer, indeed you may have seen some of his work in the form of an extensive range of ‘Yorkshire’ Greetings Cards in tourist and numerous information/visitor centres, post offices, stationers and gift shops under the title Landscape & Light Photography.

Andy will offer written guidance and days out when landscape photography skills can be practised with attenders getting direct advice and ideas from Andy. Areas likely to be covered include composition, the importance of light, exposure, camera modes and focus. The days out will be to a variety of locations chosen to embrace a good range of landscape opportunities. Each Workshop day will be self-contained, so it is not essential to attend every event. Prior to the Workshop Andy will email participants a Workshop Guide for reference and to help them focus on aspects of interest throughout the day. The cost of each Workshop day will be £10 per person.

If you would like to check out Andy’s website for ideas, please click here.

These Wopf1 Andy Augheyrkshops are primarily for Club members, but if numbers permit it may be possible for family and friends of members to attend also.

Because landscape photography is so dependent on the weather, days out will not be confirmed until quite near the event so we can take into account up to date weather forecasts. Therefore any members who want to participate should register their interest and contact details (email or phone) with Andy so he can let them know when events are going ahead and provide further details.

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