How to Enter the Exhibition

CLELogoEntries are invited from members of Ilkley Camera Club for its Creative Light Exhibition 2015. The entry deadline is Friday 28 November 2014.

We hold such Exhibitions every two years and they are one of the highlights of our season.

The Exhibition is held in the Manor House Museum in the centre of Ilkley and is open to the public. It has been very well supported and much praised in the past. The 2015 Exhibition will run from 14 February to 12 April.

Members, who must be fully paid-up for the 2014-15 season, are invited to enter both prints and images for digital projection.

All members entering are guaranteed that at least one of their prints and at least one of their digital images will be put on show.

The theme of the Exhibition is Creative Light so entries that particularly reflect that are most welcome. However, all images suitable for public exhibition can be entered. You can use images that have appeared in Club competitions if you wish. But you should not submit an image that has been entered for previous ICC Exhibitions at the Manor House Museum.

Prints will be hung individually at the Exhibition whereas digitally projected images will be shown in a continuous loop on a video screen. This means that for the greatest impact and opportunities for the public to linger over your image we recommend print entries.
You can, of course, submit in both formats, but please do not submit the same image as both a print and an image for digital projection.

You can offer prints of your images for sale. Just indicate so on the entry forms. Prices will not be given. If visitors to the Exhibition want to buy a copy of your image then the Club will give you their details so you can negotiate directly with them over format and price.


Members may submit up to 5 print images.

These must be presented in the standard way for club competitions. Thus please use 50 cm x 40 cm mounts, put the title of the image and your membership number on the back.
Do not include your name.

Complete a Prints Entry Form covering all of your print entries. You can download a copy here: Prints Entry Form (Word Document). Deliver the completed Prints Entry Form (in hard copy) plus your prints to Len Morris, the Prints Secretary, by 28 November.

If one of your entries will be in the print competition being held on 28 November, please extract it at the end of the competition and give it to Len or put a note on your Prints Entry Form and on the print itself so Len can identify it.

Images for digital projection

Members may submit up to 5 images for digital projection.

These must be supplied as JPEGs at maximum quality in RGB mode, sRGB colour space, with a maximum width of 1400 pixels and maximum height of 1050 pixels (even if the image is in portrait format). We recommend that at least one of the dimensions is set to the maximum permitted.

Unlike in Club competitions please label your image with the title (without underscores), followed by an underscore, followed by your name (again without underscores).
An example would be: Summer Day_Nick Hodgson

Complete a Digital Projection Entry Form electronically. You can download a copy here: Digital Projection Entry Form (Word document). Deliver the file containing your completed Digital Projection Entry Form together with the individual files for your images for digital projection to Richard Tomlinson, the Digital Secretary, by 28 November.

You can submit on-line using the instructions for digital entries given on the ICC website (remember to include the Digital Projection Entry Form file as well as the images) – see On-line submission. Or you can use email or a memory device such as a CD/DVD or USB stick. Richard’s email address is:

The Club is very much looking forward to seeing your entries.